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Wifi Problems

Wifi Problems

Wifi Coverage

A lot of people are now struggling with wifi coverage in their homes.

This is becoming a difficult problem because everything needs Wifi to connect to work properly.


Small House wifi problems

A small house should cope with a basic wifi router, if this is a problem in a small house

we can simply move the router into a more central location of the house giving you a better coverage of wifi around the area you require it.


Happy Home Wifi

Happy Home Wifi


Large House wifi Problems

With a larger house or outside coverage to outbuildings this will be a problem for a basic wifi router.

We can install wifi points to locations around your house that all work together and monitor your flow of traffic thus keeping you in the best position for with (No suffering from buffering).

We run cables to the new wifi points around your house trying to hid them as best as possible. The cables all link back to your router to connect to your broadband.

If you would like a quote on a perfect wifi network in your house please contact us

Wifi Fibre Broadband

Wifi Fibre Broadband

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